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  • Jobs at Livio Connect

    Jobs at Livio

    Jobs at Livio

    Think you’ve got what it takes and want to join the team?  Check out job openings here:

    What We Do

    It all happens right here: Communications, Customer Service, Engineering, Finance, HR, Marketing and Sales.

    Ferndale: A Cool Place to Live

    Livio is not only a few miles from Detroit, it’s also just a couple blocks from downtown Ferndale with bicycle lanes, great restaurants, bars and concert venues. Visit Ferndale online or find out more about the Downtown Development Authority.

    Want to read about what’s going on here?  Check out


    The Livio internship program is a rigorous 10-week program for young engineers and communicators with real-world experience in addition to individual coaching, resume and portfolio workshops.

    The engineering program integrates software development, documentation writing, software and hardware de-bugging and other real-world challenges faced by software and computer engineers.  The public relations program integrates writing, pitching, copyediting, event planning and media tracking along with learning sessions geared to improve speaking, writing and pitching skills throughout the internship.

    The program, which selects 4-5 participants from dozens of applicants each semester has provided valuable training and has a 100% job placement rate.  Engineering openings are available for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer semesters and public relations openings are available for summer semesters.

    Life at Livio: Our culture

    At Livio, innovation, technology, music – and jokes – keep us going. We really like to laugh. The company is only as good as our crew of talented, driven people who love to rock out and work as a team to make seriously cool technology.

    People dig this place

    It’s all fun and games until someone starts meowing or singing about robots.  Actually, that’s fun, too.  It’s not all ones and zeroes here.  Do cool work with A-players and have fun along the way.

    Made in Detroit

    The Motor City, Motown, Renaissance City, The D, Hockeytown, The Automotive Capital of the World, Detroit Rock City – the nicknames say it all.  Livio is deeply rooted in both music and cars, and it wouldn’t make sense to be headquartered anywhere else.

    Our history

    Originally named Myine Electronics, Jake Sigal and Massimo Baldini set out to develop electronics without complicated menus, better suited for baby boomer users, in 2008. Myine Electronics eventually turned into Livio, a consumer electronics company focused on developing technology to get Internet radio in the places people were using it like the home or car, simply and safely. In 2013, Livio was acquired by Ford Motor Company to develop a global automotive infotainment integration standard to leave no developer behind and no motorist at risk while rocking out.

    Here is a list of the great products that have come out of our doors since 2008:

    Myine Electronics:

    • abbee
    • ira

    Livio Radio

    • The Livio Radio featuring Pandora
    • The NPR Radio by Livio
    • Carmen
    • The Livio Radio Car Internet Radio App for iPhone
    • The Livio Radio Car Internet Radio App for Android
    • The Bluetooth Car Internet Radio Kit
    • The Grooveshark Kit


    • Livio Connect API
    • Livio Connect SDK (for CSR)
    • Hardware Emulators
    • iOS Library
    • Android Library
    • Blackberry Support
    • Authentication Server (WOPR)
    • Testing Tools
    • Firmware Update Transfers

    Today, Livio is a business-to-business software development company using the technology pioneered in the successful, award-winning Kit: Livio Connect. The company has grown from Sigal working alone in his guest bedroom to more than 15 employees working a mile down the road from his house. They’re working to get apps into cars in a simple, safe and innovative way that allows everyone to win.

    Ready to rock out with Livio? Ready to rock out with Livio? Click Here
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