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  • Features, Functions, and Benefits of Livio Connect


    Feature Function Benefit
    Livio ConnectLivio Connect is a protocol that allows enabled apps and devices to communicate with each other in one standard language.Eliminates the need for one-on-one integration, maintenance and support.
    Fast integrationReference code, as well as validation and testing tools, are available for hardware and app partners.Products are made ready for the market faster, while developers focus on core business.
    Provisioning controlControl (whitelist/blacklist), which partners can connect to your products. Manufacturers of vehicles, apps, and hardware devices can choose which partners are permitted to use Livio Connect through the WOPR authentication server.Pick and choose when you want a partner to use Livio Connect to access your products.
    Free supportLivio engineers are based in Detroit and are available to answer support requests by phone, email, or video chat. We'll assist with any integration issues or questions.No hidden fees. Livio provides complete support so you can concentrate on your business.
    App Developers
    Livio Connect APICommand and control protocol (language) to communicate between the head unit and your app, cross platform for both mobile (i.e. iOS, Android,...) and head units (i.e. Linux, Windows CE,...)One standard API to get into multiple cars
    Livio Connect libraries available for your existing appsLivio Connect API is compiled into a library to drop into your existing iOS and Android applications. Allows a developer to deploy in under 4 weeks with full Livio support.Works with your existing apps
    Livio Connect "Car Mode"Allows the phone to know when it is connected to a head unit of a car to go into a secure car mode. Additionally offers template graphics to provide a "safe driving mode" for non Livio Connected cars which is customizable by the app developerIncludes all of the car tech you need for your app
    Livio takes your app to auto OEMsLivio manages a network of app developers and allows car manufacturers to quickly add applications to new vehicles or existing vehicles on the road. App developers can still manage the business relationship directly with OEMs; Livio promotes all Livio Connected app partners.Includes promotion of your apps directly to OEMs, Tier1s, and Tier2 software providers
    Livio Connect Primer app and head unit emulatorsLivio offers emulators applications, as well as a primer app to quickly debug. App developers can modify the code to run special macros for quick testing and debugging. Includes testing and validation tools
    Livio Connect MarketplaceLivio manages a server which allows app developers to do business deals with automotive customers. The server provides technology to enable various premium, subsidy, and reverse subsidy business models for content providers.Increase your in-car revenue model
    Car Radios
    Access all applications in the Livio Connect network.Application companies work directly with Livio and include Livio Connect code in their apps. Once an app is Livio Connected, it will work with your enabled car audio system.We deal with the app developers so hardware manufacturers don't have to.
    Reference code availableLivio Connect offers a full SDK and API. For quick development, reference code is available for C (Linux), Objective C (iOS), and Java (Android and BlackBerry). Livio Connect is also included with the CSR SDK for RoadTunes® 2.5, 3.0, and Synergy on the BC05 and BC06 chipsets.Quickly add Livio Connect to your car audio system. Livio offers complete support with reference code and testing tools.
    New apps in the Livio Connect network will work with your car audio system.Livio updates the app network in real time from the WOPR server. Any new apps in the Livio Connect network that you approve will work with your car radio.Future proof your car audio system and provide customer choice for app connectivity.
    HMI controlWithin your car audio system, you set the HMI that is used for all apps enabled with Livio Connect that work in the dashboard. Apps then can fill in customized buttons and branding within your approved HMI template.You control the safety requirements in the vehicle and the overall "look and feel" of your system, while the app can still display branding and custom buttons.
    Control mobile phone applications from physical buttons on your car audio system.Pressing the buttons of your approved car audio system while in Livio Connect mode will send Livio Connect commands to the connected mobile phone app.Keeping users' hands off the phone promotes safer driving.
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